Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Michelle's Scarf

This was a really quick fun knit! Well, it is kinda boring all the stocking stitch, but then the unravedlling is the funnest thing ever!!!!

It is the Sunday Market Shawl, taken from Ravelry, here is the pattern.

What you do is this:

Cast on 30 stitches LOOSELY - I used needles 2mm bigger than recommended and really could have gone looser. Row 1 : K2, YO, rep to end, K2. Then you work in stockinette stich for the rest, till its nice and long. On the last row you K2, drop a stitch, rep to end, K2. Bind off LOOSELY.

Well now comes the fun part!!! You now get to rip all the stitches from where you dropped them!!! Its like a mistake but on purpose - so wrong yet so right - and so satisfying!!! :)

It looks really effective. Once you block it, it is nice and big as well. It stretches ALOT.

I made this as a gift for Michelle and I see her wear it all the time so YAY!!!!

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