Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cuddle Bunnies

I made these bunnies for the Love Lawson festival last year. everyone they were the vutest and well they are!!! I made them with Vicki Howell Craft - Organic Cotton and Milk fibre blend. So they are eco friendly toys! And they are really soft. Its not that hard scratchy cotton at all - perfect for babies to cuddle and suck on! :)
I embroidered the faces with some black Amaizing (corn fibre) i had left over. the face was a little tricky but i survived! the head is really cool - you do it like double knitting, (K1, s1), it knits flat but then when you finish it opens up into a round head. Its hard to explain LOL!!
They are only small cuddle bunnies, maybe one day I will make a bigger version, like a big blankey type thing. Maybe....!

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