Thursday, 19 November 2009

Bamboo/organic cotton bibs and fitted nappy

Here are some bits and pieces i have been sewing and some of them I have been selling.
I bought the bamboo toweling from Bubba Earth and it is DIVINE. So silky and even after you wash it it is so nice and soft.
The nappy has a sewn in booster and is a good size for Harry. It is pretty cute - for a plain old fitted.
The bibs are also fantastic! Harry is such a dribbler and with your normal thin cotton bibs his clothes just get saturated. This bib soaks it all up and his clothes are dry and clean! Yay!
I have made some bigger ones for bigger toddlers now as well, they are also great.
I can't help it. i will be getting more of this bamboo fabric and i'll be making bath towels for the whole family!!! :-)

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