Saturday, 14 November 2009

Hornbag's Corn bag

Hornbag’s Corn Bag

This bag is named the Hornbag's Cornbag simply because I am a fan of Kath and Kim, and whenever I say"Corn bag" it makes me think "Hornbag" and giggle!
It is worked in Moss Stitch with Amaizing, holding two strands together. Front and back are worked in one peice, then you knit up stitches on the edge to knit the sides, then lastly you sew up the sides. It is a cute little bag that I get heaps of compliments about! And people can't believe its made of corn either! I hope you enjoy this pattern. Please let me know if you have any questions, it is hard to explain! I might make another and take photos to help.
Copyright 2009 Nicole Thorson.


2 balls Amaizing
5mm needles
Tapestry Needles
Fastener if you wish.

Front and Back (worked in one piece)

Holding two strands together, Cast on 45stitches
Work in moss stitch for 4 rows
Next row: Moss 8, cast off 29 knitwise, Moss 8
Then: Moss 8, cast on 29, Moss 8.

Work on these 45 stitches until work measures approximately 25cm. (or desired length)

Moss 8, cast off 29 knitwise, Moss 8.
Moss 8, cast on 29, Moss 8
Work 4 rows.
Cast off knitwise.


Now with right side facing, knit up 7 stitches along the side, so that the 4th stitch is exactly half way along the side edge of the front/back piece.
Work in moss stitch on these 7 stitches until the side measures the same as the height of your bag. Cast off, leaving a long tail that you can use to sew up the sides.
Repeat on the other side.


Sew the sides of the purse onto the edges of the front/back piece.
Weave in ends.
Add a fastener if you wish.
Be a hornbag and go out on the town with this cute bag!

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