Monday, 16 November 2009

Recycled Amaizing Bangle

This is a bangle that you make by sewing your knitted piece around the cardboard that the Amaizing yarn come on. Reduce, reuse, recycle... as they say!

One finshed ball - you need the carboard the yarn is wrapped around.
SWTC Amaizing corn fiber
Size 6.oomm needles
Tapestry needle

Cast on 19 stitches holding 2 strands together.

row 1-Knit entire row
row 2 - Purl entire row
row 3 - knit entire row
row 4 - *k1,p1, rep from * to end, k1.

Continue working these 4 rows until work measures length of bangle. Wrap it around tjhe cardboard and sew around the edge.

You can use any pattern you want, be creative!
You could also just use one strand, just need to cast on more stitches.

I love finding a funky use for that cardboard! Thumbs up!

Copyright 2009 Nicole Thorson

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