Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Watoto Jumper

Here is a jumper I have knitted for children in Uganda. My parents are going over there in September to do some house building and general do gooding. They are also taking over these donated knitted jumpers, beanies and blankets. So I hope to make a couple of these if I have time.

It is made with Patons Jet (wool/Alpaca) some that I just had stashed away, and I am happy to have a use for it!

All the rib was a bit Urgh but I survived! It was actually the fastest knit - I did it in about 5 hours all up. That's like watching Lord of the Rings (extended version hehe).

I hope the little one in Uganda enjoys it :-)


  1. Hi Nicole, this jumper is very cute. Do you have the pattern for it? I am thinking of knitting something like this in Patons Jet, do you know if it wears and washes okay? Thanks

  2. Hi! pattern is a freebie online here


    The jet is pretty delicate, very gentle hand wash or it'll felt and shrink. But it is incredibly soft and warm. :)