Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bobble Hot Water Bottle Cover

Here is a hot water bottle cover I made up. the pattern is included below...

I have started using a hot water bottle since I started getting pretty intense lower back pain. Bub has moved into a posterior position and WOW the back ache has really increased! The hot water bottle helps so much, since I am having contractions every 5-10 mins, it really sucks, but the warmth helps.

Anyway, so it is made in a 12 ply wool, which i have had stashed for ages! so glad to get a use for it. took me 2 days to finish, so yeah it is a quick knit with the chunky wool. The neck is knit in the round on circular needles.

The pattern is super simple, mostly sticking stitch but there are some bobbles worked in there which keep it interesting.

Here is the pattern so you can make it yourself! Enjoy!

Bobble Hot Water Bottle Cover


Approx 150g 12 ply wool
6.00mm needles
2 stitch holders
6.00mm or less Circular needles (I used 4.00mm and worked loosely.)
Tapestry needle


st st - Stocking stitch
k- knit
MB- make bobble - (k1p1k1p1) in next stitch, turn, p4, turn, k4, turn, p2 tog twice, turn, k2 tog.


Cast on 45 stitches.

Rows 1-8 : Work 8 rows st st starting with a knit row, working 3 knit stitches at beginning and end of purl rows to make garter stitch edge.

Row 9 : k4 ('MB', k11) x 3, 'MB', k4.

Rows 10-16 : work 7 rows st st with garter stitch edge.

Row 17: k10 ('MB', K11) x 2, 'MB', k10.

Rows 18 - 24: work 7 rows st st with garter stitch edge.

Repeat rows 9-24 to form bobble pattern. Repeat until work measures just as long as the hot water bottle, ending with a purl row.

Cast off 5 stitches at begining of next 4 rows (25 stitches).
Leave remaing 25 stitches on a stitch holder.

Work another in the same manner.

Sew top of cover together (I used back stitch). Put stitches onto a circular needles Work one round of k1p1 rib, increasing 2 stitches evenly around. Continue in k2p2 rib until neck is desired length. Cast off loosley in rib.

Sew sides and bottom together (I used back stitch). Put a hot water bottle inside (fold in half lengthways if you need to) and fill with hot water. Mmmmmmmm... toasty warm.....


  1. hi nicole,
    i'm in the process of knitting my own bobble hot water bottle coveer, thanks heaps for posting your lovely detailed instructions.
    i'm almost at the top now, i've never used circular needles before, does it matter how long they are? i'm looking online at the various circular needles available and they appear to be in various lengths?!!

  2. Hi Jenny! I'm glad you like the pattern :)

    For the circular needles smaller is better, i used 40cm but 60cm might be ok. Otherwise you could do the top on straight needles and sew up the sides (Circular just makes it a little nicer/neater).

    I'd love to see pics once you;ve finished! :)

  3. hi nic,
    thanks for your advice, i bid and won a pair of 60cm needles on ebay last night so i will give those a go.
    i am going to have a go of your bath mitt next i think.
    isn't raverly the best? i only discovered it a few weeks ago - its changed my life!
    thanks for the great information.
    happy to supply pics of hot water bottle cover, its in cream cleckhecton country!

  4. hi nicole,
    I am new to knitting and have got a bit stuck. I have started knitting one side of the cover and I'm not sure i've got the tension right as the width measures 12" is this right? I decided to leave out the bobbles to make it more simple, dont know if that makes any difference?