Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Yoda Sweater for Andrew

Here is a jumper i whipped up for Andrew - it only took 3 nights it was such a quick knit! It is meant to look like a Yoda sweater - as in Star Wars! And it does i think, it looks a bit like a Jedi's shirt. How cute!!!!!

Its made with Alpaca/Wool blend yarn, garter stitch edges and plain old stocking stitch throughout. Some decreasing to make the wrap look. Then i made I-cords for the ties. I've never done I-cords before so that was exciting!! Oh yes the things i get excited over, its very sad!

It fits him great right now and because its a wrap it is quite flexible so i;m pretty sure it'll fit until the end of winter.

Overall very happy with this! The pattern is a freebie, it can be found on Ravelry.

How cute is Andrew!!!!!

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  1. The Yoda sweater looks great. I dont know why but your posts never seem to show up on my friends site for some reason.